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We're Atarah Software

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What We Do

Atarah Software is a web development and online learning company. We're here to help you achieve your website's full potential.

Web Design and Development

One of the most flexible, powerful and smart ways to publish content online is by using WordPress software. We provide specific design and functionality customizations to make your WordPress self-hosted website even better.

Online Training

Our collection of eBooks, step-by-step videos and podcasts help you learn the skills and strategies that supercharge your website. No longer will you have to wait on a web developer for content updates and simple changes.

I’ve had the privilege of working on some really great projects over the years.

Here Are A Few:

KIPP New Jersey

Wall Street Alphas

People’s Preparatory Charter School

Ghana Elite Entertainment

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Learn the skills and strategies that supercharge your website

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a website?

It depends. There are a number of factors that go into the design and development of a project. We will have to determine the size and scope of the project before we can provide an estimate on the cost of the project.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A CMS is a software system that provides website authoring and administration tools designed to make managing a website easy regardless of how much web development skill the user has. WordPress is our CMS of choice and the most popular website platform in the world, powering over 60 million websites.

Is there any training provided for the use of a CMS such as WordPress?

Yes! In fact we are currently designing a variety of training courses and videos on WordPress and website management. If you are interested, sign-up for more information.

I already have a website and I need it updated, can you help me?

Yes, but it depends. We will have to evaluate your website and determine the work it will take to make the changes you need. We do develop exclusively on the WordPress platform. So if you do not have a WordPress site and are unable to make the transition, then we may not be able to take on the project.

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